My “She Believed She Could, So She Did” Planner Layout

I have this week’s theme, “She Believed She Could, So She Did,” on a ring that I wear all the time. So when I found stickers with the same encouragement on them, I knew they would be perfect for a planner layout. Who doesn’t need some extra motivation these days?

Coordinating sets of embellishments are the perfect way to color match with absolutely no effort whatsoever. And these bright colors will light up my life - and my week! All of these stickers are from the same book, and I used my highlighter pens to color the words and flower at the top of the page. I also have several new recipes to try out this week, so make sure you come back in next couple of weeks to see what I’m experimenting with!

Confidence. Strength. Ability. All of these great attributes come from God, so my prayer from the week is that He will give me clarity of thought, dedication to the projects I’m juggling and joy every day. This is my prayer for you as well, that you have God-given courage to face whatever gets thrown at you in the days to come. You’re able because God is able. What an amazing truth to take into this new week!


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