Wood Slices And Reopening Our Stuff From Trees Etsy Shop

Today is the perfect day to be working outside! Stuff From Trees fits perfectly into a setting like this, right?

Our Etsy shop has been on vacation for a few weeks so we relax and take our time making new inventory. On Monday we’ll open back up and feature some beautiful handmade cards and a new line of wood ornaments. We’re excited to show them off and help them find a new home at your house!

We’ve done some serious work on the property over the past few weeks, which means we have lots of freshly cut trees to turn into fun projects. On a recent day off, Danny was so sweet and cut me a huge stack of tree cookies. I know, I’m easily pleased, but this pile of wood slices means we can create so many ornaments with a ton of different designs. It just screams fun!

We look forward to seeing you in thee Etsy shop on Monday!


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