The Lost Pom Pom Tool Is Found!

Last week I showed you the pom pom bookmarks I’m making for the next Operation Christmas Child Shoeboxes. The one thing I regretted was that I didn’t have the piece of wood with two dowels that I used to make pom poms when I was a little. Just days later I found it in the last place I put it - more than 20 years ago! So now I’m a pom pom-making machine!

This pom pom maker means the world to me. My grandpa made it for me when I wanted to make yarn bears and puppies to play with and give away. He measured it out, drilled the holes and cut dowels so I would have an easy tool to do something fun. That was his heart.

What’s just as special is that my little girl handwriting marks where to put the dowels to get different sizes of pom poms and how many wraps each one needed. The ironic part is that my handwriting looks almost exactly the same today. Seriously.

What’s so important about using this stand-up wrapper is that the pom poms are all uniform and they’re easy to tie tightly since you have both hands free. 

Once removed from the stand, the loops all line up and are super easy to trim. My fingers work fine, but this is so much better. And I don’t have to have a second pair of hands to tie the yarn tight enough. (Hint, hint, wink, wink.)

I was able to make pom poms using the wood stand in about half the time I did with my hand. This is amazing, since I want to make as many as I possibly can. It’s amazing how well you can create your project when you have the tools you need. And the world needs more pom poms!


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