The Puppies’ Toy Box Overflows!

Several years ago, Danny made the most amazing toy box for the puppies. Molly is the only one who can reach all the way in, but the babies give it their best effort. I had this wonderful idea that we would put all their toys in the box and dump it out, catching their reaction on video. All they really did was find their favorite toy and walk off with it, but the pictures are adorable! Molly loves her Mr. Pig and grooms him all the time, making sure she sets him back up on his feet when she’s done.

Parker is a Louisiana boy, but he had to have his own pig when he moved to Iowa. He is very, very gentle with her, even though she has quite the squeaker inside.

The puppies’ favorite toy is ... whatever toy the other one has at any given moment. Pretty typical sibling activity, I suppose.

I love this video for many reasons, including how well you can see their size difference and how Callie lets Diesel do the retrieving and she does the tugging and the fighting. It’s their personalities in a nut shell!


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