My “Be A Pineapple” June And Weekly Planner Layout

After a week of rain and clouds and gloom, it was time for a bright ... bright ... bright sunshiny planner layout! Those lyrics might change the song a little, but that’s totally ok at this point. My craft style isn’t usually this busy, but I adore how these two pages turned out. This is where I make my social media and blog schedule, so I’ll be shining all month!

This may be my last week working from home, so I’m focusing on being as productive as possible. I put the phrase “work hard and dream big” prominently on the age so I don’t forget the mantra of the week. I also love these bright, summery colors! 

We’re opening our Etsy shop back up on Monday, so I’ve created plenty of space to plan and organize our listings and updates. There are so many new pieces going into the shop over the next few days, and we hope you’ll head over every morning to check them out. Plus, there might possibly be some time to eat occasionally, so there’s a column for meal planning. Our Butcher Box came this weekend, so we have some great options for organic, grass-fed meat.

And look ... there’s a Bible Study sticker on the page! We’ve started the youth group meetings again, and we couldn’t be happier. Those teenagers have our hearts, and we’re so excited to be sharing Gods word with them every week again. Please pray that we’ll be effective teachers, good listeners and bold witnesses in their lives. What a week it’s going to be!


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