Brighten Your World With A Spring Centerpiece

Nothing brightens your room and lifts your spirits like spring decor! With some free time this week to work around the house, I decided it was time for some beautiful pastels and truth from God’s word to cheer things up a bit.

Look at those beautiful pastels! How can you resist flowers and eggs and tiny sheep that you wish you could cuddle? And when I found the tiny bird nest, I knew it would go perfectly in my tiered trays.

After winding and intertwining the two garlands together and around the trays, I tucked a piece of floral foam under the branches. This makes acute, hidden stand for the Easter Bible verse to stand on. It’s super easy to rearrange the branches a little and cover it right up.

With the verse on the bottom tray, I used the nest on the top one. Then I felt like a mama bird as I carefully placed all those speckled eggs among the garlands. The finished centerpiece is absolutely adorable, and I can keep it out all spring long. What fun pieces would you add to a spring or Easter centerpiece?


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