Creepy, Hoppy, Crawly, Slithery And Swimming

Spring is the perfect time of year to find all the creepy crawlers out in nature. On our property, especially around the ponds, you’ll find countless bugs, frogs, snakes, fish and many other amazing creatures. If these aren’t your favorite species, I wouldn’t suggest scrolling down. Or at least just stay here on this adorable frog picture. He’s about the size of my palm, but his camouflage was so good that I didn’t see him until I was right beside him.

With all the rain we’ve had, the fish are going crazy in both ponds. Also because of the rain, we haven’t been able to get out the fishing poles lately. I firmly believe that they were following us around the banks of the pond, taunting us because we were working and not chasing them. Someday, my dears. Someday soon.

Though we very rarely see them, we do have tons of crayfish. On occasion we’ll find parts of them around, the leftovers from something’s good meal, but more often we find their dirt-tower homes. It blows my mind that they create something so simple yet so elaborate. They’re tiny architects!

And last but not least, we’ve been kicking up water snakes like crazy! They’re not poisonous, but they move very quickly and take off across the water like nobody’s business. Danny sees them long before I do because of their coloring, often standing super close and pointing just so I can find them. It’s good to know where they are and what they look like, especially with dogs on the property. They just don’t need to be too close. Please and thank you.


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