Easter And Spring Baking With New Pans!

This week just feels like a baking kind of week - have you ever had one of those? The pantry is full of ingredients and you have new pans you want to try out? Add in some extra time you don’t normally have and you can spend all day in the kitchen?

Whenever I go thrifting or holiday shopping, I always look for fun and unusual baking pans. Click here for a peek at my baking cabinet. So, while in a spring kind of mood, I pulled out two flower pans that I hadn’t used yet and went into experimentation mode.

For the cookie flowers on the left, I used a package of precut, refrigerated cookie dough - white chip macadamia nut to be precise. I probably won’t use a chunky dough in this pan again because it’s pretty shallow, but they’re still totally yummy! I broke each piece of dough in half and pressed each half into a flower. They only need 6 minutes in the oven, so the goodness was almost immediate! The pan is designed to make a cavity in the center of each cookie, so I filled them with strawberry frosting and topped them with sprinkles.

For the strawberry flower cakes on the right, I filled each flower of the pan 2/3 full with cake mix. They really rise, so even then they baked up rounded on the bottom. I was going to cut those off so they would lay flat, but the more I looked at them the more I liked them titled. They are also topped with strawberry frosting and sprinkles.

Do you have a favorite spring baking pan you like to use? Do you have some new ones you’ve been dying to pull out?


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