Gift Tags Upcycle Project

If you go back to the early days of our country, when the land was being settled and bank accounts were minuscule, women had to get as much use out of every little thing that they could. That’s how feed sack dresses, stew made out of leftovers and gardens grow from kitchen scraps came to be. We definitely don’t have to struggle under the circumstances the way those women did, but it’s with that same mindset that we’re navigating these new waters of pandemic.

So, using a similar mentality, I’ve been looking for projects around the house that require no outside supplies but have creative ways to upcycle and reuse what I have on hand. Having multiples of one birthday card is a great place to start.

When I upcycle used greeting cards, I never use parts that have writing in them or on them. Instead, I get to cut out and around and salvage every piece and image that I can. These flower boxes just jumped off the cards and shouted “I’m a gift tag!” You can hear it, too ... right? 

Because the backs are plain white, I decided to stamp a to-from on the back of each one.

Then I punched a hole in the opposite corner and pulled out the prettiest baker’s twine I could find.

The finished product is a beautiful set of gift tags, perfect for any occasion. Many sets of tags and mini cards like these will soon be available in our Etsy shop and (hopefully) at our fall arts and crafts shows. Stay tuned for more details - while you’re making some tags of your own!


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