Why The Passion Story Should Lift Us Up Today

In today’s dark and uncertain climate, the last thing we want to do is read a story that is equally dark and cruel. At any other time we would read the Passion story in all four gospels, harmonize them and share some important and powerful verses.

But right now, this week seems painful enough. We are scared, separated and sure of nothing. We have never been in this place before, and the unknown is a frightening place to be.

What better time, then, to read the story of Jesus Christ’s last week on earth? He faced the powers of darkness and evil on the field of battle, and He walked away triumphant and victorious. Jesus knows your heart, understands your pain and promises you an ending to your story that’s just as wonderful and miraculous as His.

Are you lonely today? Jesus was abandoned by everyone who claimed to love Him, even the friend who pledged his life to Him, so He understands your loneliness.

Are you scared today? Jesus walked into the courts to face His accusers, keeping our faces in front of Him at all times, so He understands your fear.

Are you worried today? Jesus was overwhelmed with the reality of bearing our sin and shame while He prayed in the garden of Gethsemane, so He understands your concerns.

Today I would encourage you to read the gospel accounts of Jesus’ last week on earth. Read the last few chapters of the four books and see yourself in His life. We will never know the depth of pain or agony of struggle that Jesus Christ felt, but this darkest of stories doesn’t stay dark forever. A lot can happen in just a few days, as we read how evil, death and the grave were definitively defeated.

There is always hope. Always.


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