A Weekend of Organizing

 This is a picture of my empty cabinet. It has five drawers that go the complete depth of the kitchen cabinets. This is a phenomenal idea because it's the perfect place to store all of my baking supplies.

 And I mean ALL. I didn't realize I had collected so much. I even found a couple of really neat pans that I don't remember acquiring. Very interesting. But very fun.

Organizing a tiny space like this may not seem like a huge step, but rearranging this cabinet so that I can find what I need makes all the difference. Now it's all wonderful and organized and I love it! Plus it only took about half an hour, and that included washing a few things so they'd be ready to go.

Make this a weekend of organizing. Pick one thing and put it back in tip-top shape. It might be something as simple as your pocketbook or something as complex as a closet or a room. But celebrate when you're done, knowing that you've accomplished something lovely.


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