My “Make Today Count” Planner Layout

It’s going to be a crazy, busy week. I’m not sure if knowing that ahead of time is daunting or if it’s good because I can prepare for it. Either way, having a fun and encouraging planner layout for the next seven days is going to be a blessing - Make Today Count!

All the embellishments I used in this spread are from the Happy Planner productivity sticker book, plus a binder clip washi tape that is too cute for words. All of the phrases are positive, uplifting and encouraging, which are necessities when you’re going full speed ahead! I always add letter stickers to the food planning section because the ones on the page don’t match the days on the facing page. Weird.

And May starts this Thursday! Can you believe it? March and April were such crazy months that I’d believe just about anything at this point. The extra space on this last page of April gave me room for a few more words of encouragement. I’m sure I’ll need them by then!


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