The Psalmist’s To-Do List

Have you ever wished you could wake up in the morning, check out your planner and have your day all mapped out? Wouldn’t that be easier than stressing out over priorities, schedules and what needs to get done today? You could just check things off your list and not worry about the planning part. Sound good?

Well, since that’s not going to happen (sorry), let’s look at the same concept in our Christian life. So often we want a check list of what we need to do today to be a good follower of Jesus Christ. Don’t make me read or study or anything that requires effort - just tell me what I need to do and I’ll do it.

As terrible as this sounds, we’ve actually been given several of those lists in the Bible, and God would love for us to use them.

What rules to follow: Exodus 20:1-17
What to think on: Philippians 4:8
What is required of us: Micah 6:8
What the Lord’s greatest commandments are: Matthew 22:35-40

Look at that - lists! Not lists to check off as we’ve accomplished things, but lists to refer to, learn and live by.

Today’s psalm, Psalm 105, has another great list for our everyday lives. In the first five verses, we are given five to-do items that will add joy to our day and change our life in the process.

105:1 Give thanks to the Lord.
105:2 Sing to the Lord.
105:3 Rejoice in the Lord.
105:4 Seek the Lord.
105:5 Remember all the Lord has done.

Read those again. How many of the five instructions have anything to do with us? We’re doing them, yes, but they’re not about getting something done, making ourselves look better or seeing a completed list at the end of the day. What would make us feel better, but definitely not as good as taking the focus off ourselves.

Every one of the items on the psalmist’s list is centered around God, the only One worthy of thanks, song, joy, seeking and remembering. And once we work our way through the list first thing in the morning, it doesn’t stop there. We repeat them over and over again until they’re ingrained on our hearts and mind. Then they become habit and we do them because we want to, not because we want a pretty check mark next to them.

I pray that this week we’ll use Psalm 105 as a road map for praising God and changing our lives for good - our good and His glory.


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