My “Holy Week” Planner Layout

This is my favorite week of the year, where the culmination of all time comes to the single moment of Jesus Christ’s death, burial and resurrection. I wanted planner pages this week that would reflect the awe and the gratitude I have for this ultimate sacrifice for my salvation.

I have a pretty substantial collection of Christian-themed stickers and paper, so it was very easy to pull out images and phrases for Easter week. I love the bright, bold colors and the striking cross images - which are empty, by the way, because Jesus is no longer there! Praise the Lord!

This week is going to be fairly busy, so I left plenty of space for lists and for schedules. But I also left room for notes about the importance of this week in Christian history and prayers for our community and our country. As I write in my planner this week, I will be constantly reminded of Christ’s resurrection and my belief in this miracle. It’s going to be a great week!


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