Look! Triplet Goslings!

What a wonderful surprise to wake up one morning and find fluffy goslings by the pond! This pair of geese comes to the Carrell Wildlife Preserve every year, but we haven’t seen babies for quite some time. They’ve had nests in weird places, so we assume the worst, but not this time! They found a great location to raise their triplets.

I’m still working from home, so I’m using my coffee breaks to watch the babies. Ok, and some other times, too. They are absolutely fascinating while they try out their wings and their swimming skills. Danny had to convince them to move a little the other day while he was out mowing, and he said the goslings would actually submerge when he went by, apparently their defense mechanism while they’re young.

This may sound silly, but I covet your prayers for our little family. It’s been so long since they had babies, and I would love for these geese parents to raise all three of them to be big, strong adult geese. We’re just so glad that they’re here on the property for us to enjoy, and we want the best for all five of them.


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