Cluttered Home, Cluttered Mind

My organizational mind hates piles. It hates stacks and clutter and bleh. I’m happiest when the counters are clear and clean, the shelves are orderly and stuff is put away in its proper home.

Unfortunately, I am also a procrastinator. The two don’t go together well at all, and the piles show up anyway. And yes, it takes longer to sort and file the piles than it does to put them away in the first place.

Self-lecture over.

That’s why these shelves of books in the office make me smile. It took several hours to sort, organize and store this collection of books. It’s by no means all of them (yes, there are many, many more.), but being able to see them in some resemblance of order does my heart good.

The opposite of this closet were the stacks of books I had laying around the house. No room is complete without books, but it was borderline ridiculous. We couldn’t even open the spare room door all the way because I ran out of shelf space and lined them up on the floor.

I don’t know if your mind reels at these piles the way mine did, but it was so overwhelming to be surrounded by disorganization. The time was well spent putting them in categories and putting bookmarks in the ones I’ve read. Now I can buy more books because I know what titles I already have. (Yes, now there is room for more!) I don’t have to be concerned any more about wasting money buying the same book a second time because I know what I have ... for the most part.

What area of your home would you love to clean and organize? What would it do for your mind and your heart if that area wasn’t cluttered?


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