Our Newest Bird Nest

For several years we’ve had a wren nest built on top of our garage security light. The baby birds have been adorable, and it’s been so neat to watch them grow and fly away into the world. This year is super special because a mama robin has built her nest under the eaves outside our living room window.

To be honest, we didn’t even know it was there until the dogs started barking at birds on the window sill. When you spot it up there in the corner of the roof, you’ll understand why it took us a while to find it.

And Mama is very serious about the nest building process. There are no eggs yet, but she just has that “don’t mess with nothin’” look about her. She is very aware of our presence, and she gets pretty cranky when the puppies go out on the deck.

She has definitely picked a great location for her nest, up above all the hustle and bustle, but also tucked away out of the wind and rain. That location also means we can look out the window and right down into her nest, which is going to make for some great pictures without having to disturb this little family. We’re excited to see those babies born and watch them grow.


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