My “Oh My Goodness, There Are Puppies Everywhere!” Planner Layout

Sometimes our house feels exactly like this planner layout. I couldn’t resist putting together something completely different and completely fun for this week! There's nothing that lifts your spirits the way puppies do, so this week they’re everywhere. 

I also didn’t realize how many dog-themed paper craft supplies I have, so that was a fun discovery. I used card stock stickers and puffy, 3D paw prints as my embellishments. The days of the week letters are the only ones that came from a planner set of stickers.

Since every day recently has been “Take Your Dog To Work Day,” I can’t wait to have my planner open and looking all cute. I know it’s going to be a good, busy week, and it will be great to smile every time I sit down to plan and organize. Keeping track of my work is fun when my planner looks like this!


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