When Your Puppy Just Won’t Grow Up

The babies are a year and a half old now, but they sure don't act like it. We try to remind ourselves that our practically perfect Molly dog (uh huh) took a while to grow up, too. But I don't remember her goofing off in the bathroom while I got ready in the morning.

This is what we call "spring butt mode." They never lay all the way down but keep their backends up in the air. This way they can take off at jet speed at a moment's notice. And they're so fast. I think Callie broke the sound barrier the other day.

For a few days we tried leaving them out of their crate while we were gone for a few hours. We thought being a year and a half old they were ready ... but they're not. After directing part of the footstool, they turned on their own bed. Don't let that innocent look fool you - Diesel was the instigator, I'm sure. So now they don't get to have a bed in the living room and they don't get to be out alone for a while.

But then, at the end of the day, all the mischief stops and they're the sweetest puppies ever. These moments of peace and cuddles are worth all the challenges of the day. At least that's what we keep repeating to each other, over and over again.


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