After The Snow Comes The Plow

With two rounds of heavy snow in southern Iowa, Danny has spent quite a bit of time on the tractor. Without the plow blade on the front, we would never get up and down our driveway, which is just over 1/10th of a mile long. He does amazing work, and I am so appreciative of all he does.

Looking from the bottom of the driveway up, you can see why snow and ice are a problem. Danny's truck climbs really well, but my little Ford Focus has some trouble getting traction on the curve. I feel like a race car driver, trying to drift my way up.

Down toward the highway the piles get bigger. Gravity helps with that for obvious reasons, as it's easier for Danny to push the snow down instead of up. He let me pull the tractor out of the garage the other day. I'm hoping he'll let me plow a little someday soon. We'll see...

And the sun makes it look deceptively warm. It's absolutely beautiful reflecting off the snow, but it's still incredibly cold. I like to think there's a point in the dropping temperature that cold is cold.

By the end of the plowing, the piles of snow are huge. Molly loves them because they're just her size, but they obstruct some of the view. Oh well, at least we have the driveway cleared off and we can go in for hot coffee.


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