Explain Your Faith Story Bag

Have you ever put together a story bag? You find a multitude of little bits from around the house and put them in a bag. Then you get a group together and make up a story. Each person gets to add a few sentences to the story.

As the next person begins their portion of the story, they have to close their eyes and pick a single object from the bag. Their story addition has to include that item somehow, somewhere.

This is a great activity for a group of kids, letting them use their creativity and giving them a little inspiration along the way. You’re not directing them in any certain direction, just helping them think of things they might not have considered before.

That’s the idea behind the Explain Your Faith Story Bag. Perfect for the teens in our youth group, the bag is filled with sometimes random, sometimes purposeful items. As you can see in the picture above, some of them are specifically spiritual, while others can have spiritual applications.

Now, with the youth passing the bag around, they choose an item from the bag and explain how it can be used to explain one piece of their faith story. Some will be fairly obvious, and some will take a little bit of thought. They can use their phone’s Bible programs for a little search help if they need to, and they will have to give chapter and verse for any explanations they try to give. We don’t want them to repeat things they’ve heard, but we also don’t want to scare them into giving up.

I’m excited to have you try this activity with your own group, youth or otherwise, and come back to share the results. I pray it will strengthen their faith, grow their understanding of Scripture and be a fun time of sharing what God has done for them.


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