Faith Charm Tassels

At our youth group gathering last weekend, one of our girls and I made these adorable charm tassels. Keep scrolling to see how to make one of your own.

Start by wrapping embroidery floss around the largest part of your hand. You'll want to use the entire skein, so have a second one handy.

Carefully remove the floss from your hand and lay it on the table. Cut a long piece of floss from he second skein and slip it through your loop of floss.  Then tie it in a double knot.

After you've knotted the long piece of floss, cut the bottom part of the loop to make the tassel-y part of the tassel.

Cut another long piece of floss to wrap around the tassel to hold it together.

Double knot it tightly against the tassel. 

Add the charm and double knot the floss again. Now you can trim the ends the same length as the tassel and they'll blend right in.

And lastly, trim all the ends so they're even. You can add a ring or a clip to the top, or you can just use the thread to tie it in place.


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