It’s OK To (gasp) Not Do Things

Somewhere along the way, I’ve convinced myself that I’m supposed to ... a lot of things.

Aren’t I supposed to keep working, keep moving, keep up?

Am I supposed to be accomplishing, be completing, be competing?

I’m supposed to fill my hours, use my minutes and track my seconds, right?

But where do these strange convictions come from? Haven’t I read somewhere that this is what productive people do? If I want to have it all together, don’t I have to keep it all together first? How do I get stuff done without pushing myself to get stuff done?
Who wrote that article from “somewhere?” Someone who wants to be constantly moving? That’s not me. It’s who I feel like I’ve been lately, but that’s not what’s in my heart. Moving is good, even necessary a lot of the time, but moving is also why I’m tired. Moving is why I’m winded and longing for five minutes to call my own. 

It’s why I want to spend an entire day in my pajamas watching Hallmark movies and watching the snow fall. 

And that nagging voice in the background telling me that I’m not going to get anything done this way? It can go sit on a tack. (Isn’t that what the kids are saying these days?) 
My batteries don’t get recharged if they never get plugged in to the charger. My mind doesn’t get uncluttered if I don’t let it rest. My body can’t thank me for the down time if I never take the down time. Common sense, I know, but common sense isn’t all that common these days. Even in my own head sometimes.

So what’s at the end of a day spent by myself, not holding myself to any crazy expectations? 
  • an improved mood
  • A slower heart rate
  • A mind that actually functions
  • A better outlook on life in general
  • A few more smiles than normal

The lesson learned is that nobody else can decide how quickly - or how slowly - your day needs to go. No one else knows your heart and what it needs. No article, blog or email understands you, like you.

So if having a busy day makes you happy, then be busy and happy. Or if not moving a muscle for 12 hours is the solution to a rotten week, then don’t move. Face the challenges of life when you’re rested, restored and remotivated. That’s the only way you’ll enjoy what you do while you’re doing it.

So have an amazing day. Pajamas or otherwise.


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