Journaling Your Faith

Part of my Christmas present from my amazing husband was a set of journals, Bible journaling supplies and several packages of faith-centered embellishments. I was so touched that his gifts were things that would add to my quiet time with the Lord, strengthen my faith and encourage me to be in God’s word.

I think my favorite gifts are always blank books. There is so much potential there, and a blank page just callls my name. Inside a purple case (yay, purple!) is a thin book with lined paper and four colors of pens with a highlighter. I already have a praise journal, a prayer notebook and a place to keep my study notes, but I didn’t have a place to put extra quotes and thoughts that have meant something to me during my devotion time.

So this special notebook is now a collection place for a litany of words to encourage, to strength and to motivate. I love that they’re finally all in one place, and I can pull it out and get a nugget or two whoever I need them.

Do you have a place to collect your thoughts and journal your faith. It’s still early in this new year, and I would encourage you to find a book or document on your digital device specifically for the Lord. You can write, type and decorate to your heart’s content and have them easily accessible when you need them most.

What can you start today that will remind you a year from now of where you were in your walk with the Lord?


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