Slow Cooker Italian Chicken

Now that we’re juggling two work schedules in our home, having meals ready can be a challenge. It doesn’t help that both schedules can change during the day, and sometimes our time at home just overlaps a little.

That’s why the slow cooker is one of our best friends. This chicken, made with just two other ingredients, fits in so perfectly here. Serve it on top of salad, or with rice and veggies. Either way, it’s totally worth adding to your weekly menu.

2 pounds frozen chicken breasts
1 red pepper, diced
1 jar pasta sauce (I used garden)

1. Set the slow cooker on low. Spray the inside with nonstick spray.

2. Layer the chicken in the slow cooker. Top with diced pepper and pour pasta sauce over everything.

3. Put the lid on and you’re done! Leave it in there for about 4 hours and then enjoy!


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