Sunday Sketches

I've often said that I don't want people to remember the words that I write - I want them to remember God's words and take them to heart. That's the sole purpose behind this card layout. Scripture goes front and center.

For my card, I used three colors of card stock and a piece of coordinating decorator paper. The vellum phrase is matted twice and accented with acrylic dots.

Ready to try this sketch for yourself? Start with a large, bold sentiment and make it the centerpiece of your card. A simple pattern behind it will accent the phrase without taking away from its impact.

The embellishments should be fairly subdued, too. Choose some coordinating colors or something small that will fit in the open spaces of the layout.

Want more inspiration or to make this card your own? Come visit out Etsy shop, and you'll find paper crafts and wood gifts in all shapes and sizes.


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