Sunday Sketches

Do you have card stock? Oh my, yes.
How about decorator paper? Check.
Got fibers? Yes.
And tiny embellishments? Of course.
Then you can put together an adorable, 3D layout this week.

I made this magnet from today’s sketch, and it’s so cute. Coordinating paper helps when you want to match colors, but get creative and add in some shades and hues that you might not normally use.
When you tackle this week’s sketch, put your card stock and decorator paper background together first. Then make the ENTIRE rest of the card before tacking it down to the background. This will allow for you to wrap and tack ribbon the back easily.

The side border is one of my favorite parts of this sketch. If you use a patterned paper, you can add some accents to it, and you will have several color options to play with. Glue stuff, hang stuff and wrap stuff. Stuff is good, and the sentiment will be accented with all these lovely bits of goodness.


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