Three Fall Baking Treats

For this week's fall festival at church, we knew we would have about 20 kids, plus our teens. To make sure we had enough goodies for everyone (and for the adults who would wander through), I made three yummy, fall-themed treats. For the pumpkin patch, I made mini chocolate cupcakes. The grass is piped green frosting with a candy pumpkin on top.

I love the tiny cakes that come from my mini bundt pan. The depressions in the top are filled with pale orange frosting and topped with candy corn. 

And one of my traditional stand-bys. I partially fill a leaf pan with batter so it comes out thinner than normal. Then I spread a thick layer of peach-colored cream cheese frosting and make a sandwich. I used spice cake this time, and they turned out amazing!

Thanks to the generosity of our church congregation, the kids had loads of treats to snack on. And yes, the adults came through after prayer meeting to enjoy them, too. A good time was had by all.


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