Puppy Personality Oozing Out All Over

Sometimes you can't tell exactly what a dog is thinking, so today I'm going to translate some of the faces and actions of our puppies' personalities.

Callie, while she often sits a little awkwardly, is usually a little princess. It's her way or the highway.

This is her "I'm not sure what you're doing, and I'm prepared to make funny noises like a Wookie" face. She always gives us a little warning like this before she breaks out in song.

This is how Diesel looks at Callie right before he charges at her. Off camera she's in a play bow, wagging her whole back end. He's more than happy to comply.

Molly's a pretty easy read. She's staring at me while I'm making their dinner, encouraging me to hurry in her very subtle way. I love her company, but I could do with a little less staring.  

And my little mama's boy wants his cuddle time every evening. He has such a soft heart, and that shines all over his sweet face. Maybe they aren't so hard to read after all.


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