Showing Off Some Lumberjack Skills

We know it is fall on the property when it's time to cut up some of the fallen trees. This beautiful piece of hard wood came down in a storm a few months ago.

After work yesterday, Danny and I donned our safety gear and headed out to see how much we could get cut before the sun set. Hardwood is so difficult to cut, but Danny handles it like a pro.

The rings inside a tree never cease to amaze me. This tree has been here so long, and it's lived through so many things. Most trees don't add rings at a consistent rate, but each pair of light and dark rings - as a general rule - equal one year.

Danny did the cutting and I did the rolling. Sounds like pretty great teamwork to me! We won't talk about the one that rolled down the hill a few hundred feet and had to be carried out.

And this was our reward for working well after sundown. The almost-full moon through the trees, and some extra time with my sweetheart, made it all worth it.


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