Five Ways To Celebrate National Coffee Day

Happy National Coffee Day! As if we needed another reason to drink coffee today, right?

So what can you do to turn this ordinary Saturday into a true coffee-flavored holiday?

1. Text your favorite coffee drinker one of these fun phrases:
- With this coffee, and many refills, I will take on the day!
- I love you more than coffee. And I love you more after coffee, too.
- Coffee: Because morning people can't be trusted.
- A day without coffee is like...well, I don't actually know what that's like.
- First I drink the coffee, then I do the things.

2. Try a different coffee maker. If you normally use coffee pods, make some in a drip pot. If you've never used a French press, try it once. Experiment with new creations at the local coffee shop and see what's out there.

3. Bake something with coffee in it. A couple of my favorites are Chocolate and Coffee Donuts and Chocolate Cappuccino Overload Crinkles. Get creative and see what else coffee would taste great in.

4. Give the gift of coffee. Make some Coffee Packet Gift Cards, Coffee Pod Gift Boxes or Coffee Cup Gift Card Holders. They're great for someone who loves coffee or someone you wish loved coffee.

5. Turn coffee into a time of fellowship. Invite someone over to your house for coffee. Meet a friend at a local coffee shop. Treat your husband, a friend or a neighbor to coffee flavored ice cream.

Whatever you choose to do today, have a wonderful National Coffee Day!


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