DIY Coffee Packet Gift Card

When my mother-in-love asked me to make some gifts to take back to the Mongolians at the end of the summer, I was thrilled. It's so amazing to know that my work is going around the world, so I really had put my thinking cap on. For the women, I made sticky note holders. That was the easy part. 

The men's gifts were a little more challenging. But they all drink coffee, so I knew I wanted to do something small and coffee-themed.

This adorable little gift card opens up to reveal a packet of instant coffee tucked in a tiny pocket, along with a white panel to write a quick note. I think it will be the perfect size to travel back on the plane, plus be a cute surprise.

Since I was making these from an idea in my head and not a pattern, my measurements aren't precise. They will also vary depending on what size your coffee packet is, as I've learned they're not all the same. Start by cutting a rectangle of card stock that, when folded in half, is approximately three times the width of the coffee packet.

Then cut a piece of decorator paper slightly smaller than the folded panel. Don't tack it down yet, as this is going to be your template.

Use that piece to cut a second rectangle out of another pattern.

Cut it on the diagonal and this will be the front of your pocket.

Only use adhesive on three sides - not the diagonal side. 

And put them together. Now you have a lovely little pocket!

 I finally found a use for this awesome coffee-themed decorator paper that I've been saving. Use the piece you've already made as your template again, cutting the front panel and adhering it.

Now you can attach the pocket to the inside of the gift card.

 Now all that's left is to tuck in the coffee packet and add a white piece of card stock to the other side if you need a place to write a note. Tie it up with a piece of ribbon and you'll have a lovely, thoughtful gift for someone special.


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