A Single Cup Coffee Pod Gift Box

If you're looking for something small to make that you can give as a thank you present, birthday present or gift for any occasion, you'll love these single-cup coffee boxes. They're a miniature version of my explosion boxes.

Start with a 6-inch square of card stock. Choose any color - I chose white so it would stand out for you.

Score it into nine squares.

Then cut out each of the four corner squares.

This is what will make the bottom and sides of the box.

To make the lid, cut a square just over 3 inches square. Score around the edge to make a 2.25-inch square in the middle.

Going around the box, cut one side of each tiny corner square to make tabs.

These tabs fold in to make the edge of the lid.

When you put the lid on, it will fit loosely, holding the sides of the box in.

Now comes the fun part! I cut squares from spring-themed paper to mat on the outside of the box and the top of the lid. Each one is 2 7/8 inches square so there is a little white showing around the edges.

Then I put coordinating paper inside using the same measurements.

You can choose whatever sentiment fits the occasion and add some great 3D embellishments to the lid. I even tied some baker's twine around the edge of the lid so there wouldn't be so much white showing.

Last but not least, use some double stick tape or loop of regular tape to adhere the coffee to the bottom of the box. What a neat project and fun surprise for someone who loves their morning cup of coffee!


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