Spend Today Fighting Procrastination!

I put off writing this post as long as I could ... but since today is National Fight Procrastination Day, I decided to go ahead and write it.

Chances are you've practiced procrastination a time or two in your life. If you've ever delayed doing something, postponing something or waiting until tomorrow to do something, that was procrastination at work.

Why is deciding not to do something so easy sometimes?
1. It's not a priority.
2. It's difficult.
3. It's unpleasant.

Human beings have a tendency to be lazy, but you probably already knew that. I know I procrastinate more easily when I'm tired, grumpy or too busy. Tasks I could easily do today find their way onto tomorrow's to-do list just to clear some space for what I really want to do.

If this sounds familiar, here are just a few ways to stop procrastinating today!

* Establish priorities so that you know exactly what needs your attention first.
* Write out doable steps and tasks because you're much more likely to do them if they're written down.
* Schedule time for certain tasks and do them in that time frame.
* Establish a complete timeline for projects that will take longer than a day.
* Have a Plan B for when life happens and you get sidetracked.
* Be honest with yourself instead of trying to trick your brain into thinking a task can wait.
* Start your day with a big finish, something to cross off your list and get you motivated.
* Be realistic about what you're really able to accomplish in one sitting or in one day.
* Start earlier and end later, giving you time to accomplish a little more.
* Eliminate distractions that will keep you from rocking your goals.
* Be careful taking breaks or you might walk away from your task altogether.
* Find some accountability in a person who will keep you going.
* Give yourself some grace. Perfection isn't necessary - keep a good heart attitude instead.


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