See-Through Glass Framed Fall Leaves

Are the leaves changing in your neck of the woods? Let's save some of them and turn them into handmade art! With this glass framed piece, you can see right through it to the surface behind it.

To start these amazing leaf frames, gather several sizes, shapes and colors of leaves. Place them in a single layer between wax paper and close them up in a stack of heavy books. This will get them dried and flattened when they've been in there for a few weeks.

I used two dollar store frames for each artwork. I took everything out of each frame, then put one piece of glass back in.

This is just one arrangement of the dried leaves on the glass, putting the prettiest side down, and making that the front of the frame.

I printed out one of my favorite fall Scriptures and matted it on a dark piece of card stock.

Again, since this is the back of the art, the writing goes face down on the frame. Pretty side down, back side up.

Then I took the piece of glass from the second frame and secured it into this one as the backing of the art.

As you can see when it gets flipped over, two pieces of glass let you see straight through the art. I love this look, and it's so easy to create. Have fun choosing your leaves and your verse to make a see-through masterpiece of your own!


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