Turning Your Garden Decor Into Christmas Decor

As soon as November rolled into December, I was ready to get out the Christmas decorations. Maybe I wasn't ready to string up outdoor lights or play carols on the radio all day, but I was definitely ready for a little sparkle and shine.

By taking these garden shepherd's hooks that my dad gave us, I was able to put up a few decorations outside without going full-blown all at once.

Molly was definitely ready to help, although sniffing and drooling didn't do much to further this project.

I spent $10 at the dollar store to get decorated bows and two-tone reflective balls.

Everything you put outdoors needs to be tied on securely so it doesn't end up in the next county at the first gust of wind. Double- and triple-knotting helps this.

As do ornaments that already have clasps and attachments built in.

So each hook has a bow and a ball.

Then comes the worst part for me - spreading them out evenly across the front of the house. I have absolutely no depth perception, so Danny will probably come home and straighten them.

In the meantime, there is all kinds of sparkle to begin the Christmas season.

 Look around the house and garage to see if you might have some gardening supplies that might make great decorations, too.


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