True Love Was Born In A Stable

Christmas is my favorite time of year for creating bulletin boards. I've had this one planned for several months, and it was so much fun to put together. 

To make the manger, I cut two strips of brown mailing paper each about 4.5 inches wide.

Then I spaced them to the same width as the roll of paper. This makes measuring much easier and keeps everything symmetric, for the most part.

For the long side pieces, I marked the paper at 5 inches...

... and then folded it over, using the edge of the paper as my straight edge.

This made the top rung of the side of my manger.

Two more and I've got a good-sized manger.

Then I cut about 30 strips of gold card stock to use as straw coming out from between the slats. I didn't adhere the parts together until I got to the church, since it was too big of a piece to keep neat and clean in transit. A few paper stars and lettering printed from the computer completed this adorable - and simple - bulletin board design.


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