DIY Framed Artwork Board

I'm considering this framed art project a Christmas gift to myself. I've wanted to make this for ages, but I hadn't found a frame I liked. When I came across this lightly stained wood frame at the local thrift shop, I knew it would be perfect.

Danny cut a piece of wood three inches wider on every side of the frame.

And I stained it a beautiful dark color.

Then I cut a piece of cardboard just slightly smaller than the frame itself so there would be space to adhere it. 

I covered the cardboard with decorator paper.

And adhered the covered cardboard to the back of the frame with hot glue.

Because there is no glass in the frame, I could use any 3D embellishments that I wanted. It's like being able to decorate a scrapbook page.

Once I was done, I adhered the whole framed art to the board with hot glue. I flipped it upside down and put heavy books on it to make sure the glue set well. I'll put a hanger or two on the back and then find the perfect place to hang it.

If you try this project yourself, make sure you send me pictures!


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