A Year Of Wreath Ideas

Three years ago I received a plain white wreath as a Christmas present. I love this wreath because it is the perfect neutral background to change themes as often as you'd like. Here are examples of what I've made in the past year.

January: These are the same bows I use on the inside of my explosion boxes. Here they look like New Year's Eve fireworks.

February: red heart garland and pink heart picks, laid out to look like a starlight mint.

March: shamrocks printed off the computer and attached to lollipop sticks and green bead necklaces.

April: three shades of yellow and white flowers for Easter.

May: three sizes of clip-on butterflies.

 June: different sizes and colors of sunflowers.

July: four curly bows, a bow that is designed to wrap around the back of a chair and a USA necklace.

August: back-to-school supplies.

September: A fall leaves garland and one of my favorite Boyds bears - the one walking his sweet little puppy.

October: paper bulletin board borders and a wooden plaque that fits perfectly in the opening of the wreath.

November: fall flowers and a wooden sign.

December: A few ornaments from the thrift store and two curly bows.


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