Pocket Notebook From Leftover Supplies

Why spend all kinds of money on little gifts this holiday season when you can put together gifts from the heart with craft supplies you already have on hand? These pocket-sized notebooks will mean so much more than a dime store trinket when they learn you made it yourself.

I would assume you have all kinds of card stock scraps in your collection. It's ok, I understand. I have card stock coming out my ears, too. You'll also need a few embellishments and a book ring of some kind. You probably have these stashed away in your office supplies as well.

I used the pre-cut scraps I have leftover from when I cut down an 8.5x11 inch sheet of card stock. I have piles of these, already all the same size, so it was easy to make covers to fit. 

Then all I had to do was punch holes in the tops and ring them together.

The front cover is the fun part, after all that mindless cutting and punching.

Now you have a pocket notebook, perfect for Christmas lists, study notes, games, shopping lists, flip books or any other ideas your mind dreams up. Play around with the size, shape and colors until you've found a combination for everybody on your list. You know, the list you're keeping in a pocket notebook!


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