Christmas Tree Napkin Fold

Add a festive touch to your Christmas tablescape with a beautiful tree napkin. 

You'll need a square napkin, with the folded edges to the top.

Fold up the top layer, leaving about 3/4 of an inch around the edge.

Repeat with all the layers.

Flip the whole napkin over. Fold the left corner to the right, far enough to make a point at the bottom that lines up with the point at the top.

Fold the right corner to the left, completing the point at the bottom.

Flip the napkin back over and make sure all the points line up.

TO make the layers of branches, tuck the top point up underneath, creasing the straight line it makes.

Then fold the rest of the points up and tuck them underneath the fold above them. Fold them up as far as they will go without tearing and crease to make the fold stay.

Here's the finished product. I love the way this turns out, and the bigger the napkin the better.

You can even decorate it a little, using some non-staining decorations like candy, nuts or dried fruit, like the dried cranberries I used here.


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