Dollar Store Stocking Stuffer Ideas

When I stopped in at the dollar store this week to pick up some bulletin board items, all three check-out lines were five and six shoppers deep. I should have known by how far away I had to park that it was going to take more than a couple of minutes to get through, like it normally does.

It was while I was waiting in line that I began to think about just why all these people were here shopping. It wasn't just so they could get a bunch of cheap stuff, or so I gathered by listening to their conversations. Money is tight, but they still want to get some nice things for the people they love. The dollar store, then, became their destination.

If you haven't been to a dollar store recently, or you think you can't find anything of quality there, start by looking for some fun stocking stuffers for friends and family. I put this basic list together as I spent about five minutes walking through the store. What would you add?

For anyone:
* pencils
* erasers
* candy
* snack packs
* gift books
* notebooks
* Christmas ornaments
* picture frames
* fuzzy socks

For the kids:
* puzzles
* coloring books
* crayons
* rubber stamps
* board books
* stuffed animals
* paint set
* stickers
* small toys

For him:
* trail mix
* mixed nuts
* flashlight
* mini tool kit
* shoe polish kit
* work gloves
* hardware storage boxes
* travel coffee mug

For her:
* craft supplies
* candles
* wall art
* note cards
* kitchen utensils
* sewing kit
* manicure set
* fingernail polish
* hair accessories
* bath sets
* dish towels and dishcloths
* coffee mug and sampler of coffees


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