The Morning After The Christmas Day Before

For some reason, society calls the day after Christmas the most depressing day of the year. Their anticipation and happiness are tied into Christmas Day, so much so that once the gifts are opened, the food has been eaten and the family is gone, next Christmas feels like more than a year away.

For Christians, the day after Christmas is just as amazing and joyful as the holiday itself. On Sunday we celebrated the birth of Christ. On Monday we celebrate His life.

If you add up all the verses of Scripture that tell about Christ's birth, there really aren't that many. Only two of the gospel writers describe His birth in detail. More words are written about His death, burial and resurrection than His birth. We read that handful of chapters on Christmas Day, but the rest of the year is spent digging in to the rest of the Bible. The majority of our days are spent learning about how He lived, how He loved, how He died and how He rose again to secure victory over death and the grave.

The birth of Christ is the beginning of a priceless, precious story. Today we celebrate His life.

So just for today:
* love more deeply
* stand more firmly
* show more compassion
* study more diligently
* share the word of God more earnestly

The day after Christmas isn't depressing at all. It's one more day to enjoy the limitless blessings of God.


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