Cute Miniature Yarn Stocking Hats

In these cold days of winter, it's great to have a warm stocking cap handy before you head outside. These miniature versions of your favorite cold-weather gear are perfect for gift giving and for decorating.

All you need is yarn, some cardboard tubes and a pair of scissors.

Cut each tube into several rings, no more than 3/4 inch wide.

Then cut the yarn into 10-inch lengths. You'll need about 50 of them for an average cardboard tube.

Fold each in half.

Put the loop end through the ring.

And tuck the ends into the loop.

Pull it tight. The knotted side will be the bottom of the hat's rim.

Repeat. And repeat. And repeat.

Work your way around the entire ring, keeping them tight and close together.

When you're done, you'll have created a jellyfish.

To turn the jellyfish into a stocking cap, hold onto the knots and tuck the loose ends of thread up through to the top of the ring.

Ok, it still looks like a jellyfish. Maybe even more so now.

Cut one more length of yarn and double-knot it a little more than an inch above the rim.

This will hold the yarn in place and help create the pompom on top.

With the knot secure, trim the ends into a rounded pompom with a sharp pair of scissors.

Make them in a variety of colors for both Christmas and winter decorations. They're the perfect size for putting in a stocking, tying to a package or tucking into someone's purse or pew for a special surprise.


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