Turning A Thrift Store Frame Into Three Gifts

While at the local thrift store last week, I found this beautiful, sturdy wood frame. It even had an adorable kitten picture in it. But my plan was not to set this sweet kitten on a shelf, but to turn this $1.99 find into three beautiful upcycled pieces.

So I had a wood frame...

...a matted photo...

...and the heavy cardboard easel part.

I took the picture out of the mat and turned it into a handmade all-occasion card. I think I know the special cat lover in my life who will want this.

Then I turned the easel back of the frame into 3D Christmas art.

All I did was cover it with decorator paper and decorate it like I would a scrapbook page. Now it can stand on its own and be put anywhere during the Christmas season.

My favorite part, though, was turning the wood frame into a larger framed picture. I've wanted to try something like this for weeks - I was just looking for the right frame. On Thursday I'll show you how I made it, so make sure you come back and check it out.


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