Denim Pocket Ornaments

Never throw out old denim. Don't send it to the thrift store. Don't even hide it in the back of the closet thinking you might be able to wear it again someday. Instead, upcycle it into beautiful Christmas ornaments.

To make these hanging pockets, you'll need glittered ornaments from the dollar store, metallic thread, sturdy wire, a hole punch, small pliers, a pair of scissors and a sewing needle.

Start by arranging your pockets and ornaments by size. You'll want to fill up as much of the space as possible.

Then trim off all the excess denim and frays from around the edge.

Using the matching metallic thread, hide a few stitches around the ornaments. You might need several to keep it in place and secure the edges.

Large pockets can easily fit two ornaments, while smaller ones look better with just one.

Punch holes in the top two corners.

Cut a good length of wire, enough to curl at the ends.

Fold the wire in half and it will create its own loop. Thread the crossed wires into the two punched holes.

Use a pen or pencil to wrap the ends of the wire around, and then use your small pliers to fold in the cut ends.

This coil of wire will keep it securely on the pocket.

Now you have a hanging loop as well.

And there's the finished ornament. 

Now you can use these clever pockets in place of stockings, or you can fill them with some special surprises for Christmas morning. Each one can be personalized for the recipient by changing the decorations on the front. Consider initials, monograms or favorite colors and themes.


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