A Year Of Journaling Through The Bible

For the past several years, we've been reading through the Bible in a year here at Living as a Victorious Christian Woman. Every morning you've been able to follow along in the left hand column and read a 5-minute devotion on a verse from that day's reading.

I've heard from so many of you that this is often a highlight of visiting this site. For that I praise God because I know His word doesn't return void. My words are not truly mine, but His.

And now to shake things up.

Beginning Sunday, I am asking you to make this daily time more interactive. Instead of a full, completely written devotion, you will find find two entries: daily reading and daily writing. The daily reading will walk you through three or four chapters of Scripture each day, working our way from Genesis to Revelation in the next 365 days. This will be the comfortable reading that you're familiar with.

Here's where we shake things up. Instead of three or four paragraphs to read, there will be a brief truth from that read along with its Scriptural reference. Then you will read a question about the themes of that verse. I will then leave it to you to journal one sentence, a paragraph or an entire page answering that question.

My prayer is that this year will be filled with daily questions to make you more aware, force you to look inside your heart and then put the words God lays on your heart into writing. You can write every day, once a week or once every month or so - the choice is yours. I simply ask the Lord to lay His truth upon your hearts as you spend time getting to know Him more intimately.

So in the next couple of days, buy yourself a pretty new journal - or use the one you might have gotten for Christmas. Choose a pretty pen or your favorite colored pencils and prepare to pour out your heart to God.

May He bless you exceeding abundantly above in the year to come.


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