The Teacher's Survival Kit

The kids in our neighborhood started school this week. They and their teachers are in my prayers, because if the school year goes the way their conversations were on the street walking to the bus Monday morning, they're all going to need them.

Start the school year off right with this great gift basket for your kids' teacher. It can easily be modified for your students if you home school, or for just about any life event.

Each item in the basket has a meaning behind it, so write each one down in a card to give along with the basket.

* Cup: for when your cup runneth over with joy.

* Gold thread: love will tie together the hearts of everyone who enters your room.

* Aspirin: when all else fails, take two and have a time out.

* Matches: when you need to light a fire under some of your students (or yourself!).

* Battery: to help you keep going...and going...and going...

* Toothpicks: remember to pick out the good qualities in every student.

* Angel pin: you are the guardian angel for these children.

* Clothes pin: to help you "hang in there."

* Band aid: you may need to heal someone's hurt feelings.

* Tissues: so you can dry the tears of a child's broken heart.

* Paper clip: to help hold things together when it seems everything is falling apart around you.

* Rubber band: remember to be flexible.

* Tea bags: take time to relax and recharge for the next day.

* Notebook and pen: remember to list your blessings every day.

* Key: your attitude is key to each of your students' attitudes.

* Penny: to help you remember you are priceless to these children's education.

* Colored pencil: to color every day bright and cheery.

There are many, many other ideas, so use your imagination. Tuck everything into a basket or jar and attach the card explaining each item. Then let the teacher (student, nurse, boss, co-worker, preacher's wife) know that you're praying for them.


  1. Amen Sister Laura this is all soo true this coming from a students prospective. When GOD was takin out of school the devil made his way in with Drugs Alcohol and Violence.

  2. And imagine what that does to the teachers as well as the students - I've been in both pairs of shoes! So be nice to all your teachers all this year!!!


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