It's A Hummingbird's Life

Early in the morning and in the evening hours, we are blessed to have four hummingbirds flock to our porch feeder. Apparently we have the sweetest nectar in the neighborhood because these tiny birds can be quite piggy with their food.

We have a bench on the porch beside this hook where the glass feeder hangs. We've spent many evening out there talking and watching the activity in the yards around us.

One evening recently we were just sitting quietly watching the sun set when Buzz, our favorite hummingbird, zoomed past the feeder. He had come for a taste and hadn't expected to find us there. A moment later he buzzed past again, scoping out the situation. He was quite thirsty and just wanted a moment to stop and drink.

We didn't want to keep Buzz from getting his evening meal, so we sat as still as we could. The girls were out with us, but they were half asleep at either end of the bench. After another minute Buzz came back, a little slower this time, but kept going around the corner of the house. Another minute and another fly-by.

This continued for several minutes, until finally he hovered near the feeder. His hunger was so desperate now that he was determined to get a drink. He flew to the nectar, then flew to look at us...then back to the feeder and back to us. He was judging the safety of the situation and weighing it against the desire to fill his belly.

Soon we rewarded with the sweetest moment. Buzz landed on the feeder, flapping his tiny wings, and gulped down a little nectar. He flew off for a moment, then returned and repeated the process several times. Then his fear was completely gone and he came and went without even looking at us. It was the most precious sight I have ever seen, and it's right on my front porch every day.

O taste and see that the LORD is good: blessed is the man that trusteth in him. Psalm 34:8

Have the people sitting on the bench underneath your feeder kept you from getting the nourishment you need? Has God's Word taken a back seat because of your fear, apathy, temptation, peer pressure or personal choice? Does your desire to be fed from God overwhelm all your other senses?

The hunger for God's Word can get so desperate that you'll look past all those circumstantial things just to drink as deeply as you can. Just like my tiny feathered friend, you can drop your fears and get your fill straight from the hand of God. It may be the best meal you've had in a long time.

So now, if you'll excuse me, I need to go refill a couple of feeders...Buzz's and mine.


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