The Beauty of Liquid Glass

Have you made one of those discoveries that jump-starts your creativity? Maybe it's something in a magazine or a new product you happen to walk past in the store. Or perhaps you've done what I did this week - find something fantastic that you've had for ages but completely forgot about.

Last week I was sitting at my craft table staring at a blank piece of paper - not a good thing. I sell Christian greeting cards in an etsy shop and I was completely empty. So on a whim, I brought all my paper, die cuts, stickers and stamps out to the living room floor and started going through all my extra supplies.

In one basket I found a bottle of something I forgot I had. Several year ago I had purchased some Liquid Glass from Close To My Heart Scrapbooking and Stamping. Not knowing what to do with it, I tucked it away and lost track of it. This tiny squeeze bottle rocked my creative world and allowed me to create some beautiful cards.

You can use it to make tiny dots anywhere you want. It can make spots on a butterfly or bubbles in a bathtub.

It can be the center of flowers or rain drops falling from a cloud.
Liquid Glass can outline particular areas for some extra shine. Because it's clear, it will darken the color underneath it.

It can be put on top of chipboard letters to add more dimension.
It can even be used as glue to attach paper.
Liquid Glass will hold glitter.

It will seal your project and give it extra shine if you apply it with a paintbrush.
The fun part of finding an old product is making it new again. Experimenting with an embellishment can change the way you look at your favorite hobbies and jump-start your creativity.
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